Curate, not Koorate

Curating content has been a buzz word for several years in online marketing, and news gathering in general… brings it home *2013 style

It makes sense to clip and borrow within the legitimate norms of online content sharing. Why not start your post with some proven great content, and then comment, modify, link, speculate…? But don’t pronounce it koorate especially if you’re a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. It’s a known fact that the Drudge Report just curates news, but in such a way that meets the needs of some very hugely followed markets such as radio talk shows.

logo_paperli_dark But brings that feel of news curation to any one person, org, business, or hobby club. It has a great look, is easy to share, no, **MULTI-share, is mobile friendly straight away, and can be upgraded to show one’s own advertising edits, and custom Kangnam style. There’s a limit to the number of sources you can draw stories from (25) and the jury is still out on the SEO benefits since the free version leaves you with an odd url (the pro version allows your name in the url), but a friend of mine from Intel worked on this project, and it tweaked my radar. an early pseudonymic news curator

*did you know Kangnam Style, the hit Korean dance song is named after and spoofs a wealthy region of Seoul south of the Han river?

**Multi-share is one cool feature allowing you to select your favorite stories within a page, then Multi-share the group of stories. Ben Franklin would’ve loved this!