Essential SEO and Web design topics coming!

We’re covering many essential topics in the coming weeks. A few headlines to whet your appetite:

The logo design process.

What is marketing collateral?

Where to find blog post ideas.

Facebook posts how-to – what maketh a good facebook post young Jedi?

<* Jedi speak > Ummm, an excellent facebook post what is? < /Jedi speak *>

“I know what font you are.”

Website INsecurity

Domain names… the keys to your Lexus.

Ecommerce – where do I checkout?

What happened to creativity?

Why ATrain? Why!?

How many logo variations does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Keyword Schmeyword. You want an ugly title and headline? Write like a keyword-matching robot.

Wanted: Copywriters. Humans preferred. Fluent English is a bonus.

We’ve mostly been busy working on clients’ websites and designs in recent months/years, but decided to rebuild our own website as well. Stay tuned. There’s so much to talk about… new professional video services, local SEO services for Houston and Katy, better social media, content creation, email marketing.

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