Hatchbuck presents an affordable way to run Website Automation, with Email Marketing

A-Train and Constant ContactThere are many email marketing alternatives. The new Constant Contact toolkit is very good in that it does multiple tasks and weaves them together around your list, and I recommend it for churches and non-profits, and small businesses and websites. A-Train is a Solution Provider there. You can manage an event… make a coupon, do social sharing, conduct a survey, all with your same list. But when it comes to these on your list visiting your website, you’re blind. You don’t know. Unless a person buys something, you may not know much, if anything about them, except whether they opened your email, and clicked on a link in that email. End of record.

Let’s say that muskrat622@yahoo.com joins your list. Who are they? Could be anyone… a golden top level prospect, a person mildly curious about your site, or even a competitor scoping you. You don’t know muskrat. Muskrat622 might actually be Jack Welch, in which case I’d say when it comes to your site’s traffic, you don’t know Jack!

Enter Hatchbuck. What if muskrat622 clicked on a link in your email towards your website’s page about air conditioning, plumbing fixtures, or programmable thermostats? Well, now we do know something about muskrat622. But more than that, we have a record of muskrat622 based on behavior, and we can start learning more about this person, creating what we can now refer to as a customer persona.

What if 1 week later, muskrat622 re-visits your website? If you’re using most any usual email marketing program, you won’t know he or she came back. It’ll show in your analytics program as one more tick in a sea of ticks. But using Hatchbuck, you already have a CRM record of muskrat622. You can see the relevant behavior, auto-added to their CRM record, yes. How many pages did they visit on your website? (Intensity.) How many times have they visited? (Frequency.) What pages did they visit the most? (Interest.) Maybe they do buy a product. Great, well, now you know that too, and Hatchbuck simply adds that behavior to their growing profile. They’re not just a person who received your email anymore, but a person who was also very interested in visiting certain specific pages on your site. You are building a relationship. You are sketching a real person out of thin air!

Hatchbuck can trigger the right follow up action at the right time, based on certain behaviors. Perhaps a hot lead alert or a new marketing sequence can be triggered based upon what that prospect does. Automatic ready-to-go actions based on triggers. Website automation!

You may want to call or email certain people with an extra special offer. A lot of people use a buyer tag to distinguish between people on an email list who have and have not reached for their proverbial wallet. That’s old school. A buyer list. But if you happen to want to call people on your buyer list to discuss an opportunity, your sales person will know a lot more than the fact they bought a certain product one time. How good of a prospect is it in terms of frequency of visits, interactions, specific interests, and comments? It’s all there in muskrat622’s record.

Don’t other programs offer a similar type of website automation, tracking, and CRM functionality? Yes indeed. A couple of others come to mind. But as a hard working consultant I have looked in detail at these other products, and know that they both require a high level of expensive training, and a much higher monthly expenditure than does Hatchbuck.

Is there a catch? A possible hurdle that will make getting results a little slower than hoped for? You’ll need content, and to work with a consultantcy such as A-Train Creative to put a marketing plan in place. But don’t overlook website and email automation techniques. Some say the money is in the list, but we also say your list is in your CRM, and the money is in your CRM.

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