Annual End-of-Year SEO Promo

End-of-the-Year SEO offer

In a nutshell, if you sign on for an annual SEO plan with us now, you’ll get it at a big discount, plus a lot of extras. December will be mostly for setup and come 2015 you’ll hit the ground running.

What about the SEO?

Well, at a minimum it’s an SEO Advanced 3 package and up, or a Basic SEO 12 and up. We can’t really offer all of this on the lower packages, especially the performance guarantees.

Let’s look at the Basic 12 package for example. It’s comprehensive, thorough, professionally researched, setup, and executed for you for the long haul. There’s Research, Social and Off-site Blog Setups, Business Directory and P.R. Setups, ON-page optimization, Page Titles and Meta Tags, Website Content analysis and uploading with a promo call-to-action installation. XML sitemap generation and installation. Google Analytics and Webmaster setup and check. Backup and security too. That’s mostly what month 1 is about. Getting it all in order for you.

But in your annual plan a lot happens in month 2 through 12. We monitor for errors each month to make sure your website and content is humming along according to setup. Company Updates, Press Releases, Promotions and Industry News. We write 4 pieces for you a month (Basic 12 plan) upload and distribute for you. Social Sharing. Reporting and auditing. We’re making sure to stick with the SEO plan.

And by signing up for this 12 month End-of-Year offer, you’ll get much more.

Fill out my online form.

Free Extras:

This makes it very interesting. You also will get

the Brand Booster

5 posts written for you and about you plus a video on the same topic. All SEO optimized and uploaded for you.

VIP Reporting

We’re offering our Best Reporting for free on this

Social Marketing


And we offer a 40% Growth guarantee.

Let’s break it down.

You could pay quarterly, or with a one-time annual payment.
Take for example the annual option. We’re looking at $6,095. That averages out to about $507 a month, but it is an annual 1-time payment. With quarterly payments you still get the SEO and all the extras for a plan that guarantees 40% growth and runs a full 12 months. I might be persuaded to go lower than the pricing in the slide – so fill out the form or call 281-859-8904 to lock it down.

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