Sell Your Digital Content, Build a Membership Site on Your New Website that Can Do it All

If you want to: Build Your Personal Brand, and A Membership Site, While Publishing your Podcast, eBooks, Audio, while building out your Forum, all on your new Controlled WordPress Platform using Custom Landing Pages or proven landing page Templates… then this is just something you need to see.

A lot of people say that these days. But you’re gonna have to believe me.

I am so proud to be an early adopter and partner of this platform. It started when I was contacted by an author who needed a better way to build an audience. She had a well-rated book published already, and a following. But how could she do it all in her private community? Publish her audios and videos and charge for them? Make a member site? Looking good at the same time?

So I researched and found this beautiful system. Please take the tour and see all the icons, then contact me after you sign up for your trial period so we can discuss.

But if you’d like to read more let’s start from the top. This system will provide you a website you could probably build yourself if you wanted to try, although A-Train would like to help you get the most out of the system. Your site will be on a powerful custom NGINX webserver configuration, managed and tuned for you to optimize speed and security. If you’ve had a WordPress website before, did you have that sense of security? Nightly backups? Updates made for you, and no worrying about plugins going out of date? They’re managed for you too.

Did you have a security partner like scanning your site several times each day to check for malware or malicious activity? How about four full page caching nodes configured to work with your site? With caching data centers strategically located in different locations across the globe, tied into infrastructure that is well connected to the major arteries of the Internet?

Okay, this covers just the first part of the tour. This should be your new website. A great start for sure… your site will be faster, better managed, and more secure than any site you’ve ever had. That alone should be enough. Let’s close the book, we’re done here. Oh, except it allows you to run a membership website, is built on the Genesis platform using your choice of dozens of professional themes, with ecommerce for digital goods built in, a forum, and is mapped for producing great digital content you can sell.

What do I mean by a membership website? Well, you can name your member groups, as many as you like, and then the content of your choosing will be viewable only to those who have joined in at that level. Your content, meaning blog posts, pages, poems, audios, videos, your choice. You can sell it, give it away. Because, it’s your site, and ecommerce is already in this system too.

Have you ever thought about all that would be involved in building a website like that? But wait a minute. A forum is also built into the system, and forums can be terrific for SEO because they elicit real comments from people talking about the topics related to your niche, conversationally. I can’t tell you what a dream that is for search engines. Everyday conversation about your topic using long tail keywords aux naturale. You’ll pay only one monthly fee and get all of this.

Have you ever tried to research e-commerce tools and make a decision as to which one is better? What’s that gonna cost? A membership site? That’s another chunk of time and money. A forum? A managed hosted WordPress site built on the Genesis platform? If you’ve ever tried to put together even half of these things, you know what I’m talking about.

Now some people I’ve had discussions with worried that an awesome system like this might put people like us out of business. People who make websites for small business, and for professionals. We could charge for each single one of the components of this system, and now you get a well oiled machine from the get go.

But I disagree. I want my clients to have the best working system so they can focus in on achievement. Build your community (the system works with several major email systems), present yourself professionally, and make sales right away. That’s what I want for you. Just take the tour, and call us at 281-859-8904, or reach out via the quick quote form and we’ll talk.

And by the way the system is well supported by some of the most respected content marketers I’ve ever heard of.

Wait a minute… what about SEO? This company behind the platform is famous for a WordPress SEO system that costs about the same as this whole package does, and it’s included too. It’s SEO while you write, telling you how you’re doing, what is needed in context, things like keyword density. You’ll be able to make SEO-optimized content on the fly.

I’m really only scratching the surface. I forgot to mention Trend Research based on Social and Keywords, while you write/research, plus A/B testing. Have you ever priced out a tool that can give you tested and tuned landing pages with A/B testing before? With gorgeous metrics reporting? Again, each one of these items could normally lead to a separate bill.

Make your content. Build your audience. Enjoy the ride. You deserve a system like this.



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