Take it From the Edge – The Roots of this Web Design, SEO firm from Katy Texas

Plus Naming your Business – take it from the edge

This video of Duke Ellington is a unique look into the personalities and musicians behind the song Take the A Train. A Train Creative, a web design, video, and SEO firm from Katy Texas, is about creativity in the world of web design, social media, graphic design, video and branding. But the roots of our firm, and really any firm, starts with a name, right? This video lets you hear the song that inspired our company name, and I notice that it’s not actually Duke Ellington who wrote the song Take the A Train, but note how he gives fair credit and proudly introduces the composer of the tune Billy Strayhorn. That action is what we call in the content business a hat tip, and reminds me of Tito Puente discussing the song he wrote Oye Como Va. I was blessed by Steve Khan with front row tickets to see what turned out to be Tito’s last performance in Houston. Puente discussed how he was constantly being asked to play “that Santana tune ‘Oye Como Va'” which ruffled his feathers since he wrote it. But Puente said, “when I received that first large royalty check after Santana made the song a hit, I told people ‘I’ll play that Santana tune all night long.'”

What you name your business is vital in that it sets the tone, attitude, and theme of what you’re all about.

Factors to keep in mind:

Do you own the domain name? Is the name memorable? Catchy? Serious? Professional? These adjectives are important, because how you describe your company name should be similar to how you’d want people to describe your new business.

What’s up with your phrase “take it from the edge” you may be wondering. That phrase came from a student teacher in jazz we had in high school, an African American from a big city somewhere, who always told us to “take it from the edge.” The top. The beginning. And when you start a business, you literally are taking it from the edge.


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