The Web Design Process

It’s time to upgrade your website.

You know it, or perhaps you prefer not to think about it, because you’re busy doing what you love to do – running your business. But let’s say it’s time now to delve in and make it happen. Or perhaps you’re a small start-up business and don’t yet have a website. What are your options?

First of all call Blaine at A-Train – 281-235-6470 and discuss your current website situation. Or use the Quick Contact form and let us know the name of your website so we can take a look for you. (We’re pronounced Ayyyy Train. Imagine Fonzie saying “take the A Train!”)

It’s easier than you think. We have a Starter Package, a Premium Theme-based package, and a Custom website, and don’t forget e-commerce. There are many things we can do with your website too that you perhaps didn’t dream possible such as a membership site, a booking and reservation system, landing pages and lead capture, professional content writing, video marketing and SEO. But whoa! Let’s just back up and discuss 1, 2 and 3.

  1. Starter Website Package

    • The starter site is designed to be completed quickly for you, and at a low price too. And for a limited time it includes a bonus: Draft content writing & logo production included. Yes, and yes. One of the hardest things to do when you have a new business idea is to take action and get that website launched, and then what about a logo, and having to write the website? Seems like it might never happen! Maybe the starter site is perfect for you. Your site will be completed and posted live within 30 days with a draft logo and 5 pages of draft content about your business or org. (Draft means there is no free revision provided.)
    • But what about hosting and site backup? That’s provided in the starter site too. No charge the first year.
    • The essentials still covered: Mobile Responsive, WordPress CMS, SEO Ready
    • What about Google Analytics and Webmasters? We will set that up for you too if you like.
    • 3-field Contact Form
  2. Premium Themed Package

    • Our most popular approach to Web design is to use a Premium Theme. We have hundreds to choose from, or you can provide your own WordPress theme.
    • Includes up to 10 pages of content integration to start
    • Flexible menu structure
    • 2 revision rounds –  It is essential to be able to make changes after seeing the way the website looks. And after the first round of revisions we’ll do it again so that you’re comfortable before we launch
    • Hosting migration and backup – we’ll be happy to host your site, but if you have a host already we will migrate your site for you to that host, and meanwhile keep a backup of the worksite for 3 months
    • Post migration guarantee – what if after launching you notice later that you missed something? We are there for you to make those minor fixes.
    • Using a premium theme is considered by many to be the smartest, most affordable approach to making a website, because you’re not re-inventing the wheel. Whether it’s our theme or one you provide, a theme in general has already worked out a stylish way to present content in terms of headers, columns and sidebars. The rest is changeable – logos, colors, fonts and graphics. Perhaps you’d like to use Thrive Themes? They’re a fantastic choice of theme we make available to all our web design customers at A Train.
  3. Custom Web Design

    • This is the best option you can imagine. In fact, if you can imagine it, we’ll create it.
    • View other websites you like and tell us that’s how you want your site to look.
    • Or provide us with an artist’s rendering or Photoshop file of how you want your website to appear. We will immediately get to work on that!
    • Includes all of the features of the Premium Theme package plus:
      • social media feed
      • 4 rounds of revision; 2 during mock-up round and 2 in the web design round
      • Security setup – by taking certain extra steps we can prevent most spammers from getting access to your site
      • Site built from the ground up based on the approved mock-up
      • Great chance to get a website that truly is unique and one-of-a-kind
  4. eCommerce

    • We present a couple of ways to achieve your eCommerce website, but the Web Design method provides a way using Custom Web Design plus up to 40 pages of content integration, and up to 50 product SKUs.
    • This method builds your store right into your website using a Custom design with Woocommerce
    • This is a best of both worlds solution because you’re getting a custom website and eCommerce solution, without the monthly fees you’d get from Shopify or Big Commerce. And 50 products entered for you to start into your custom designed website.
    • We also offer Shopify solutions too which is a sweet software to use, but based on store size keep in mind there will be a monthly ecom fee. Call Blaine at 281-235-6470 to discuss your best options.

In summary, there’s something here for everyone, but I want to say something more about Custom Web Design. Have you ever been frustrated that your site doesn’t end up looking like some other great site? Or you have a site now, but it feels locked into a certain width, or lacks functionality? Maybe you wished that you had added e-commerce functionality, or you wanted a membership site.
Let’s consider doing a custom site together.

We start with a clean slate, a secure framework to build on, and can work from Photoshop files or example sites you like, and build in a plethora of functionalities that match your business. For example, let’s say you’re a plastic surgeon and discover that some of your competitors’ websites use long curvatures built into the framework of the actual site. That’s not easy to achieve using most WordPress themes which tend to deliver according to a column structure, which end up being, well, rectangular. That works 95% of the time, but if you want a site that’s unlike any other, go with custom.

But the example sites you like don’t have to come from your industry. Perhaps you’re a plumber, HVAC shop but love a website of an interior designer you’ve met recently. Let’s talk about that. But remember this: go deep for real meaning. Go beyond of the front page and evaluate a website based on the whole user experience. You might say you love the look and feel of the home page, which is awesome. But go ahead and look deep into that website, become a subscriber, and evaluate that site based on the content pages, the emails you get, and the videos. Take notes, and observe what you think would benefit your website; then bring that all to the table to prepare the building of your custom site.

What about content? You may not have very good content on your current site. You’re going to need some, and trust me, that alone can slow down your average web design build more than anything else. And based on our recent SEO study, we know that has become more important to Google in determining search results. Shallow pages aren’t buzz worthy, and don’t provide the answers potential customers are looking for. So when evaluating a website that you think you like, evaluate content too.

Don’t forget that content is more than just well written words on a page. It’s videos, graphics, surveys; anything that engages you and keeps you on a page longer. So when planning your new Custom Website, dream big and bring it all to the A Train planning table. Let us surprise you.

For example, studies have shown that videos greatly increase engagement and conversion on a page, not to mention can be a terrific boon to an organic SEO campaign. Perhaps your business would benefit from a Video Marketing campaign added onto your Custom website. Let me rephrase – your business would almost certainly benefit from that, and it’s much easier and less expensive than you think, because we don’t require actual videographers and lighting and blue screens etc. Videos can be made from graphics and bullet points too.

What about an eBook? Another way to increase engagement within your Custom website is to offer an eBook covering content that is branded to you, but benefits your potential customer! And yes, is also a great way to build your email list. See how it all works together?

What is your dream website? Let’s talk about it.

Call Blaine at 281-235-6470 for a free consultation, and let’s find out together.

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