About the New SEO Package Part 1

Our new SEO package is so comprehensive in all that it brings to your business, that it’s easy to gloss over it and perhaps not appreciate the full extent of value this can mean for your business. (See Part 2 of this article here.)

I’m going to break it down for you in what I’ll call the SEO Nutshell.

SEO Campaigns Ringing

One Time SEO Setup

Campaign Research and Analysis

Here we prepare an SEO audit and website assessment report for you. We also check your ranking for the phrases and categories we’ve chosen to focus on, and check for duplicate content. We identify pages we’ll want to employ when using our target keyword themes.

Website Content Analysis – We’ll give a thorough look over your existing content to see what can be revised and optimized, knowing that it’s a major ranking factor.

Website Architecting – We want the users to your website to have an experience that’s pleasant and makes sense, and establishing proper site architecture using an organized hierarchy of navigation is something we know improves both that experience and search engine rankings.

Site Indexing and Crawlability Reports

This part of our very thorough SEO setup process is worth it’s own ebook, because there’s so much involved. Rather than boring you with all the details, here’s an overview:

We check on and report for you:  Actual pages, indexed pages, malware, broken links, crawl errors, hidden links, robots meta errors, content and web browser crawlability, and site speed.

Technical SEO Setup

By “technical” we mean this is the hard stuff that people are afraid of and/or fail to address. Not A Train.

We tackle domain redirects, homepage redirects, custom error page creation (a more graceful Error 404 page), Google Analytics and Search Console installation, Bing Webmaster installation, location targeting. XML Sitemap creation and installation, Robots.txt checkup and fix, structured data implementation, blog creation and subscription setup, and social media buttons integration. Phew, that’s a lot and I didn’t even elaborate. Oh, and we do a Pre and Post Optimization backup, because it’s a best practice.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile responsive design check, plus mobile usability checking and reporting.

SEM Preparation

Google Tag Manager installation, and creation of confirmation and thank-you pages, and a contact us page. You’ll need these pages to assist your search engine marketing and PPC campaigns.

Onsite Optimization

You may know that SEO work includes both Onsite work and Offsite. During the Setup phase we tackle some of the Onsite part to set the table so to speak, and there’s much we can do right there on your site to strengthen and improve the authority and usability of your site, while improving page ranking.

  • Homepage Content Writing – Standard: 400 words, Premium: 1500 words
  • Website Content Writing – Standard: 400 words, Premium: 500 words
  • Title and Meta Tag writing
  • H1 Optimization
  • URL Rewrites and Redirection – Standard: 10 Pages, Premium: 30 Pages
  • Anchor text Optimization
  • Website Logo Optimization

Image Optimization

  • Image Dimension optimization and file size compression (to improve page load speed) – Standard: 1 image, Premium: 3 images
  • Image file name, alt text, title and description optimization (to improve relevancy signals) – Standard: 1 image, Premium: 3 images
  • Meta data optimization (image meta data aka EXIF, including such things as GPS, camera type, date taken) – Standard: 1 image, Premium: 3 images

Thanks for reading Part 1. More to come, and keep in mind, this is all covered for you during our 2-week Setup phase. In my next article I’ll be going over the Account Creation and Setup (including Google Drive, Google Docs, Video Accounts, PDF submission sites, Social Media account setups, plus profile page designs, and more on business presence and visibility! And then into our Monthly Service details which is where the rubber meets the road.

Also see this slideshow showing images from a recent presentation covering the philosophy of our new SEO package!

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