What is Video Marketing?

What is it? That’s an large, open-ended question.

In the sense of working with A Train Creative, it is a great opportunity for your company or organization. Let’s break it down.

Month 1 – Video Services Setup

Channel Customization

Here’s where we lay the groundwork for what is to follow. You’d be surprised how many companies start by making a video first, and then later realize they don’t actually have a YouTube Channel of their own. Or Daily Motion. We’ll start off by creating those for you, matching your brand colors, graphics and icons. But there’s more to it than you think.

We customize the channel settings, associate it with your website, sending signals to YouTube’s search algorithm to match that new channel with your website, which is already known by Google.

Artwork and Icon

We want this baby to look professional, and to look like your company. You can provide images to us, or we’ll source them from your website and other social media.

Then we Optimize your Profile

This enhances your channel’s credibility. It should be clear who you are, where you operate and what you do.

Video Playlists

We make them for you, arranging any current videos you provide to us, and also other helpful videos that are by other people but still enhance your channel’s buzz factor. We also customize Sections to help organize your new channel.

Video Accounts Setup


You’ll need a Gmail account, and if you don’t have one we’ll make one for you, since it’s required in order to create your YouTube profile. That email will be branded with your business or org in mind.

Daily Motion

We’ll also create a branded channel in this major video platform as part of the Video Marketing Service. Ask about inclusion into Facebook video as well.

Example Video of What We Produce For Our Customers


The Monthly Video Service

Writing Your Video Story Board

This is where the rubber meets the road. Now that you’re set up and optimized for moving forward, let’s make some videos! And we make it easy for you. You can be as involved as you want to in the process, but we will make story boards of your videos, compile graphics and photographs. If we have to we can even use stock photos, but we much prefer using images from you, and about you.

Let The Music Play

We’ll source the music for you that fits with your brand.

Logo Inclusion

This is a video for you, about you. We’ll make sure your logo and company graphics are a big part of it all.

Call to Action

We want to see results. There should be a way to act on the video, and we include that for you in every video.

YouTube Video Service – We Upload, We Optimize

If you’ve spent any time playing around with YouTube, you know that making the video itself is just the beginning (or perhaps you don’t know, and that’s ok.) Uploading and optimizing is vital, and takes time. Did you know it helps to optimize not only the title of the video in Youtube, but the name of the raw file too? We’ll do that for you, using a target keyword in the YouTube title.

We Write the Description

Don’t forget the description, and know that that’s also a great place to put in your links, using a full url. Plus, it’s another way to drive home your message and remind people of your company branding, and use SEO keywords that match your message.

We’re Not Done Yet – Category and Tags, Thumbnail, Location tagging and more

Just when you thought you were finished doing your own video work there’s all this. And doing it thoroughly and the right way is beneficial, because it helps your video show up in the right places. Search engines after all are just machines, and machines don’t actually watch videos. No eyeballs! But you can give them all this data and they’ll eat it up. Our service takes care of this thoroughly and completely, month after month.

We’ll Generate the Transcript

When I was studying for my Google Certification Exams, I found that I could take the transcripts of the training videos and place them in a text file and study them like a book. Your video leaves a textual record. Unfortunately the transcripts had errors, but the machines try their best. Regardless, for shorter videos it’s easier to manage the transcript, and they’re important records about your video. (See Blaine Fallis’ Google Certifications.)

Business Citation

We’re not going to forget about that. Take every opportunity to mention your company name and link back to your website. That’s another reason to use video marketing right now.

You’re in the SERPS

Did you know that videos have their own tab in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) as do images, and News? Properly optimized videos and images show up in the search engines for you, just like a web page. If you’re wanting more exposure, I highly recommend Video Marketing.

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