Getting Started With SEO

planning session for SEO campaign with A-Train

I want to discuss how to make moving forward with SEO an easy decision.

I’ve been in touch with a lot of folks from the industry discussing best practices, that have results that are Google safe. Because we don’t want to play games here and penalize your current website.

But never getting started is also a penalty for us if we can agree that we need the benefits of better SEO.

A good starting point is to agree on a monthly budget. But you can start with a hypothetical budget too and consider what-ifs.

What if your company spent 2,000 a month? What types of things would happen?

Better question: what are our goals? What do we desire will happen with this campaign?

My opinion is that you will improve your search engine rankings for your top identified keywords, and another 20 will follow. We will improve your company’s authority and brand. And we’ll do so in a way that is long lasting, using valuable content that stays around, with strong social signals too. We’ll rank well for terms that cost money in the CPC market (cost per click), meaning they are valuable. But are they valuable to you? We’ll study that. Because a good SEO plan is your plan, customized according to your needs.

Also, by being willing to start (putting money on the table) I’ll be able get experts looking over your website and situation, coming up with a healthy 3, 6 and 9 month type custom plan. Because the quality we want to use grows slow and sure as opposed to sudden. The type of high quality content we will use takes time to create. But there are things we can do called “easy wins” that take what’s already working for us and boosts them too.

We also want to study the competition and move up and beyond them where it makes sense.

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