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Remember the old days when Chrome was a new browser?

Well, the problem being solved then was speed, and since then guess what happened? Users have more bandwidth, browsers have more add-ons, images got heavier and bulkier thanks to iPhones and here we are again, perhaps forgetting that site speed is crucial!

You may have heard, if you’ve been listening, that website speed has been named by Google as a serious ranking factor for websites. And why is that? Well, let’s just look at some of the benefits of a faster site:

  • More time on site (longer sessions). Users like being on a fast site and are less likely to abandon it
  • Lower *bounce rate – yes, the B word is back, and it’s here to stay.
  • Higher engagement (more page views – yay!)
  • Competitive advantage – 77% of Websites Take More than 10 Seconds to Load on Mobile
  • more customer conversions (every second that goes by waiting to load costs money)
*Bounce rate: the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.
“a rising bounce rate is a sure sign that your homepage is boring or off-putting”

How about your website speed? Google has offered this Page Speed Insight tool that can take a sampling of your site’s speed readings and offers advice.

Don’t Judge Me

Yes, at the time of this writing the A Train Creative website doesn’t score well on this test, but I’m aware of that and am taking steps to correct that very soon. You should also be aware of your site’s speed test results. How are we going to fix this?

We’re partnering with a company using a new website tool that will dramatically improve website speed. It’s run by some pretty sharp programmers who were able to do the following in order to adhere to Google’s new page speed best practices:

  • eliminate the need to render Javascript on the first page load
  • identify the critical CSS and make sure that code is placed optimally
  • non-essential CSS is pushed to the bottom of the page
  • lossy compression techniques to reduce image bloat
  • compress all HTML, CSS and Javascript

A Train is offering these “speedy-sites” to people immediately and are especially suited to small and medium sized businesses, artists, authors, and entrepreneurs. The websites offer an e-commerce option with beautiful product page layouts, coupons, digital downloads and more. Your storefront will automatically incorporate your website’s colors and fonts. Not only that, if you already have a site our new site tool can suck in the data from it and provide it to you in a usable way, allowing people to get started on their new site right away. That takes away from the dreaded “starting from scratch” syndrome.

The sites are mobile responsive of course, but this new partner started off by offering mobile websites in 2009. It’s what they’re known for. So your new site will be responsive, or you could even build a mobile site alone to use alongside a bigger website that is already established but needs better mobile performance.


Remember that old term? That still remains an important one, but now we offer something more intelligent: personalization. These new sites we will build can recognize if a visitor is a first timer or not, and use geo-targeting to hone in on where they are. Plus we’ll know what type of device they are using, and how many times they’ve visited your site. And if those aspects are not the most important bits of data for you, you can build your own rules.


Based on the rules you create, or the large library of pre-made personalizations, your website can take appropriate actions based on these triggers such as:

  • adding new content (e.g. a welcome video for first time visitors)
  • notifications – based on your triggers your site can display a warning, or a special offer to frequent visitors
  • custom HTML and CSS
  • hide/reveal rows of content – your website will be made up of rows of content that can be shown or hidden based on triggers we create

To learn more about getting a Speed Site of your own, drop your email below, or call/text 281-235-6470 and mention Speed Site.

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