Be Articulate – Case Study Using Wix

A friend and longstanding client came to us needing to get his website going, to replace an old site that was using Wix.

That old site can still be viewed, but the goal was to have a website that was cleaner and neat, and not so busy full of stuff. And so we said sure! Anything for Dennis who is a publicist and author himself, and helps authors get publicity to launch their own new books. Here’s what we came up with:

Dennis had begun trying to recreate the site himself using Wix, because hey, Wix is easy right? Do it yourself! And it’s true that Wix does make some things easy. We decided together to use it since he already had an account, although we don’t normally choose that option.

Come to find out we were able to make a good looking and very functional website for Dennis Welch by following his wants and including his content (summaries of the books he is currently promoting.)

As you can see from the before and after, the goal was achieved by using images and space, and using simplicity of navigation. I should note that the logo was one we created for Dennis a long time ago when we first got to know each other, and it was at that time he was amused by my wife’s saying “I know what font you are.”

Current Projects

Beyond the feel good aspects of the website we put in to make the site look professional via the About, Contact, and Home pages it was key to put in a space for the Current Projects, which is the main aspect Dennis wished to feature on his site. By using a theme in Wix, we found a page that was already setup to feature some other type of product, but no worries. It had the right look and feel, so we used it. But Dennis currently has six “projects,” six authors with current books hitting the market, and we felt the best way was to use two separate pages by adding a Current Projects 2 page.


It was helpful to get the menu items from Dennis given his old site and his wants and needs going forward. But it was pretty easy using Wix to Add Pages, Duplicate, and Rename them. We could’ve tried several other menu options besides the one we chose by selecting the menu designs provided. But since we were using a theme, it’s often the best choice to go with the look already included in the original design. The trick is to know what you’re looking for before getting too deep into it, so that things such as fonts and menus are going to look right without reinventing too much. And by the way, this was meant to be a low cost website modification and update/upgrade. So using themes is often the better choice to save on the budget.

But what we knew he wanted in terms of fonts and style led to the selection of a theme that got those aspects right for us. It wasn’t about the pictures of the theme, or topic, but about the feel, fonts, and spacing. And fonts are easy to change if necessary.

Using Wix

Another thing that we noticed is that Wix makes it easy to align things using floating alignment lines, making it possible to move things around and drop them in a balanced way. The designer on our team has been in graphic design for so long she knows what Adobe Pagemaker is, so that the concept of desktop publishing felt perfectly in sync using Wix. And the goal is to make a site that feels balanced and looks good, but can be instantly modified. We were pleased with the options we had and with the end result, as was Dennis! A happy customer and a happy Web designer. OK in my book.

We also added a blog but I felt using Wix to make a blog left a lot to be desired, after using WordPress for many years. The content editor is not the same one as you have making pages in Wix, and simple things like getting images to align or text to wrap are not made easy. Things such as making a featured image appear as a thumbnail on the main page are not intuitive either. So for blogging, the jury is still out.

There are also many add-ons and options that would be confusing to the average person wanting to DIY their website, so our opinion is that we liked using Wix, but because we ARE web and graphic designers, we are able to get better results. And I hate to mention this, but there are many Wix websites that are basically awful looking, because people jump in and think they can do it all. But I recommend using A-Train to help you with your Wix website, or we may decide in your case WordPress or another website builder is better for your project.

Also with so many add-ons you’d have to watch the budget, and it is hard to evaluate each add-on separately such as SEO and e-commerce. Again, by using professionals such as A-Train who know what is and isn’t a good deal in these areas, you can make informed decisions together with us.

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