Get a New Website from A-Train, and become GDPR Compliant

If you’ve been listening to the online world as of late, you probably heard or noticed something about GDPR compliance. Oh my!

Well we have great news for you right now, this minute. New Websites we build for you starting now will be GDPR compliant, and here’s what we mean, and how we accomplish it.

Well, first a shout out to what it means. It’s about website visitor privacy. Thus site owners need to inform visitors when personal data is stored and collected, and explain how that data will be used. And they should be able to delete it all upon request.

Your new website will comply, and here’s how:

Privacy Policy

We’ve created a Privacy Policy template which we can use for your site, which we will customize with your personal details. The important factor here is that customers will see this and trust you more for having it.

SSL Certification

Included with your site will be an SSL certification which you may recognize as an https as opposed to an http. That means to the user that connection to your site is secure, and can’t be intercepted! Again, this is all for your customers, and builds trust among them. It means your site is a safer website. That’s all good, right?

Notice – We collect cookies

We create a cookie notification for your site visitors, and we’ll link it to your privacy policy. See what we did there? Your site is trustworthy, and you’re on the cutting edge of consumer safety.

You now have an Opt-in

In keeping with the spirit of informing site visitors and customers alike when their personal information is being collected, we can now add an opt-in option to be added to forms on your website. That simple tweak takes you one step closer to being golden in the eyes of the GDPR, and also your potential customers, because after all, it’s all for them.

GDPR Compliance - Opt-in

Personal Data – Be Gone!

Part of the GDPR policy is giving consumers the right to be able to say “hey, I want all personal data collected by your company about me to deleted.” This is aka the right to be forgotten. Well, your A-Train Speed Site (in addition to including personalization and great speeds to benefit SEO) will create a Form Response page where you can manage and delete all information associated with that form!

So as you can see A-Train is all over this GDPR thing for you!

To summarize, we’ll

  1. Activate a customized Privacy Policy page for you
  2. Activate Cookie notification
  3. Update existing forms with an opt-in consent
  4. Enable opt-in consent on all new contact forms
  5. Set up SSL (https) for your sites

That’s what it means to be a website customer of A-Train Creative in 2018, so come on board! The A-Train is leaving the station. Don’t be left behind!

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