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Email Newsletter Solution for Small Businesses, orgs and churches

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Why your church or business needs to be sending email newsletters

Email newsletters: often talked about, or thought about, but not actually acted upon. Small businesses, non-profits, and sole proprietors all should send them religiously. Monthly, even quarterly newsletters are better than no newsletters. In reaching out to your audience, this is one case where the old adage “no news is good news” does not apply.

Isn’t it just spam?

Email marketing is permission based, and is therefore quite the opposite of spam. It is a good idea to sell your newsletter as something special, something extra, that people can only get by signing up, and then an even better idea to deliver on that promise. The helpful info you can provide adds value to your audience, and builds interest and enthusiasm for you. A newsletter can gently remind readers of what’s new on your Web site, giving them new reasons to visit, and easy access to links that are trackable.

What’s better about A Train Mail by A Train Creative?

A Train Creative’s email solution is better for many reasons:

Custom Design for you – One HUGE advantage we have is the ability to custom design email newsletter stationery for you, that will match the colors of your Web site, logo, marketing materials, or whatever you prefer. That alone will strongly improve the reception your emails receive. By using your logo, and your colors, readers will trust the email instinctively, and be sure to save it, and in more cases read it. Many competitors provide templates that look like templates. Fortunately for you, A Train Creative is a design company, and your email stationery will look good, and will be uniquely yours! And now mobile responsive too.

Superior List Management – While getting started with your email list is as simple as uploading an excel file, that’s only the beginning. Your list can be separated into as many audience groups as you want. Not only can you query your list according to demographic information, you can also create an audience group based upon what links people clicked. Let’s say, for example, you’re sending out a newsletter about wines, and 40 people clicked on a link featuring “Italian wines.” A follow up email to those select people offering a special on a special Italian wine would hit the mark.

Response tracking – You’ll be able to see who opens your email, and when. The relevant statistics can be exported, and analyzed, and you can also use our convenient tool to compare your results with past campaigns.