Snapshot Report includes Google Core Web vitals

Apr 21, 2021 | Business Reviews, Reputation Management, Website Design | 0 comments

If you haven’t seen the free A-Train Snapshot Report yet for your business, now would be the best time to do so.

The Snapshot Report analyzes many key areas of a business’ online presence. Contact us to get yours created and you’ll see a fresh and current report on the state of your business or org covering the following:

  1. Listings
  2. Reviews
  3. Social Media
  4. Website
  5. Advertising
  6. SEO

All of these areas are crucial to learn about in your business, You’ll learn about the citations your business has; where it’s listed, such as various directories, and also data aggregators, and also where it’s listed incorrectly. For example, if you cancel a landline and that number is kaput, then it should not be appearing alongside your business listing. But some directories will hang on to that outdated info for all the world to see.

A change of address can create the same problem. Our free Snapshot Report will reveal such problems in your listings, and by the way, we have a solution for that too! Listings Builder Pro allows you to change and update your business info, all from one dashboard, and then send it out to ALL major directories and aggregators.

The next section of the Snapshot Report shows what reviews your business has next to your name online, and how many stars. Trust me, you know that prospects are more likely to call the business with a solid reputation, and they read the reviews too. I know I do.

The report also looks at your current Social Media situation. Where are you, and how are you doing? Haven’t posted to Facebook or instagram in 6 months? Are you even still in business?

The report also looks into whether you have advertising showing up anywhere and how it’s doing. And SEO too! What are your keywords and how do you rank vs your competition?!

But the NEWS today is the brand new updated Website section of the report. As I write this in April of 2021, you might want to know that our report looks at the Google Core Vitals.

Starting in May of 2021, Google will use this set of metrics to better measure a website’s performance. They focus on 3 key areas:


  1. speed
  2. responsiveness
  3. visual stability

    This will allow site owners to better understand the user experience of their website. And by the way, if Google notices and scores your website on these metrics, it will also effect your SEO rankings.

    So I advise you to contact A Train Creative today and get your free Snapshot report. Better yet, book a 15-minute online meeting and discuss your report with a professional.