The Web Design Process

Mar 31, 2022 | Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Design | 0 comments

Making a new website or modifying an existing one can be intimidating.

That’s why I offer up to you today the basics you need as you get started, with these:
What You Can Expect From Us, and What We Need From You. As an example let’s say you want a 10-page WordPress CUSTOM website.

What You Can Expect From Us

  1. 10-page custom design based on your requirements
  2. Setup of licensed theme and plugins (Gravity form, Smart slider and more)
  3. Up to 2 revisions
  4. Professional Stock Photos, Vectors (from
  5. SEO-friendly Website
  6. Mobile-friendly pages
  7. Google Analytics integration
  8. News/Blog Page
  9. Technical support from a professional support team by phone, email, and chat

    Let’s break it down. All 9 of these points are important, but what does it all mean? Well, a custom website means it won’t look like 500 other websites using the same theme. (I feel like I’ve been here before…) Licensed plugins you have the right to use on your site, and we install them for you.

    See something you want changed or added after the first run? We revise the site for you then, and twice.

    We’ll use the best stock photos we can to match up and blend in with the website, we’ll make it SEO friendly, meaning the appropriate use of headings and content size, and much more.

    Obviously you want your site to perform well on mobile phones. We also integrate Google Analytics into your site’s code. We’ll also add a blog page, designed for people who want to post themselves without calling an expert to do it for them. You have thoughts to share, and you should be able to anytime.

    What if you get confused by something on the website? A professional support team will be there to assist.

    What We Need From You

    1. A Description of your business
    2. What is the purpose of your website?
    3. Project information: Domain name, Hosting information, Content, Branding details (Artwork and logo) and photos
    4. Do you have color preferences?
    5. Describe the style of site you want
    6. List 3 websites you like


    Your input into the project makes all the difference. The time to communicate is early and often regarding all these things. Think about it, write things down and send it over to us.


Web design graphic Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Website Design is Fun!

Find herewith all you ever needed to know about getting your website project off the ground. Haha, I jest. But it really is pretty easy. Easier than, say, fixing the leaking faucet in your bathtub.