What’s Your Business Description?

In our popular new service offering, A Train Listings Advanced, we post your business across an array of directories, search engines and maps, from Yelp, Apple, Google My Business, Instagram and Facebook, to solid local directories where you may not go as often, but you need to be there too. For example YP, Citysearch, and Chamber of Commerce. I confess, I spend a lot more time on Facebook than I do the Chamber, but it’s important for your business to be in all those places.

One important aspect of placing a listing is your Business Description. On many directories this may be the most important element of your whole listing, even though you may have many beautiful photos, staff bios and more. The description is the one paragraph potential customers are most likely to read. I’d call it the elevator pitch of online marketing, in that you just have that 30-second ride in the elevator with that one person you hoped to speak with and pitch your idea to. Well, in this case, you’re in the elevator with your next potential customer. You should include what they need to hear from you about the services you can provide for them.

Listings Advanced Business Description

While it may be tempting to overload this paragraph with keywords, it should flow with real language, and the keywords used should feel natural. This paragraph should be about relevancy and search-ability; customers are looking for your service, and the language of your description pulls up in search. It’s what the directories want to provide, because they know it’s what the web surfers are looking for.

Also, the description is not the the place to put in a menu of links. If you give people the wrong information at that moment, it’s confusing and unexpected. It’s your time to shine. Tell it like it is.

What are your areas of service?

How long have you been in business?

What categories describe what your business does? For example, if you were looking for your type of business in the Yellow Pages, what would be the letter you’d turn to? The words to describe what you do?

To practice what I’m preaching, I’m going to write the Business Description for A Train, since we too are wanting to get our information out there to as many places as possible in a professional, consistent manner. And the good news is, once I write and submit this, I don’t have to worry that it went to a whole bunch of directories before I realized I wanted to make some more edits. No way. It’s in the A Train Dashboard where you can control it all from one spot. All these listings are synced! Locked and loaded. Make as many edits as you want, add photos, add specials, add new job postings, new employee bios. Remove an employee. Change a menu. All from the one and only A Train Creative Listings Advanced Dashboard!

A Train Creative has been helping people get online and look better while doing it, since 2005. We offer a wide variety of services to help businesses and organizations in Houston and Katy Texas, all the way to New York and beyond. We provide Graphic Design and Branding, Web Design, Email Marketing, Microsoft O365 Administrative services, Landing Pages, and SEO with A Train’s popular service Listings Advanced, now featuring Reviews Maintenance and Advanced Analytics.

From business Cards and logos, to company brochures and other marketing collateral including signs and print ads, many people got to know us through the work of our design department led by Young Fallis, an Adobe Creative Suites guru with over 20 years professional experience. But as the business grew, so did our market into SEO and Web Design, and most related services including Email Marketing, O365, and our Listings Service through which we offer to place almost any business’ accurate and consistent business information across a wide professional network of directories, maps, search engines and data aggregators.

Vice President Blaine Fallis is Google Certified in AdWords and Google Analytics, and is proud of the enhanced analytics of the A Train Listings Advanced service. Imagine seeing the analytics data you want from Bing, Google My Business, Yelp, Apple, Instagram, Kudzu, Foursquare and dozens more properties, all together in one place, or viewable via monthly pdf reports, or from a personal login. We’re also able to make posts to Google+, Facebook, Foursquare and ones website from the dashboard. And the Featured Message goes out to most sites in our professional network, in real time.

We believe in helping clients achieve their goals through using the internet and all it has to offer. A Train Creative loves helping people get more from their websites and email, looking great in the meantime through excellence in graphic design.

So there you have it. An example of a business description that is less than 300 words, and covers the services we provide and where, plus a mention of how and when we got started with some personality thrown in. However, we’ve already made a few edits to it, and the one on this page is only reflected here, but the one in the dashboard is shared across the whole network.

Similarly, the array of photos I’ve loaded into the dashboard might change quite often. For example, the current base of images in the media folder of this site can only go so far, but from the Listings Advanced dashboard, those photos are synced with all the aforementioned properties. So it is with the business description.

So, let me ask again: How is your business listed?