Welcome Customers Back with Wi-Fi

Apr 1, 2021 | Wi-Fi | 0 comments

We are proud to offer this A Train Wi-Fi Technology to Houston and Katy for your Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Bookstore, Church or open-air hangout! Enjoy a 30-day free trial.

(Or any city in the USA is ok too.)

You’ve probably done it yourself. You’re at the church and you want to get some better performance online, and you find out they have Wi-Fi and you log on. It’s simple, right?

This is perfect for A Train to deliver to you since we have over 12 years experience in graphics and email/digital marketing. We can easily design your Wi-Fi portal, so that people hanging out at your space simply login only one time, and then they are on your list every time they might want to return in the future.
If you have any facility that welcomes people in and encourages them to hang out for awhile, this is for you. Using A Train Wi-Fi you provide a great Wi-Fi service to your people, but you can then greet them the next time they come back, or send them an invitation to come back, because you’ve just used Wi-Fi to build your list.

  • Provide convenient Wi-Fi to customers
  • Grow your list!
  • Offer specials.
  • Send announcements.
  • Capture reviews quickly.
  • Understand your customers better.
  • All thanks to the power of WiFi plus social media and email.

What’s your current Wi-Fi provider? It is easy for us to connect using hardware that you may already have in house, but with A Train Wi-Fi you are providing convenient surfing to your patrons, and getting an easier way for people to sign on to your list than I ever realised was possible. Wi-Fi. Of course!

Reputation Management, Wi-Fi Style

When do people leave feedback? When it’s fresh in their memory. Since people have logged on to your Wi-Fi you already have their email, and we’ll send a feedback request automatically.  And even though reputation management programs are usually expensive, you’ll be getting a great one built into your A Train Wi-Fi system. So you can think of it like this: for less than the cost of your usual Rep Management program, you’re getting a complete Wi-Fi service that benefits your customer experience.

And when reviews come in at 3 stars or less, you can see that right away and work towards finding out what the problem is. Unsatisfied customers are a painful part of the online review process, but those bad reviews don’t have to appear on Google or Yelp. It’s better if their bad review comes directly to your business first giving you a chance to see it right away and work to resolve the problem.

Let’s talk soon about getting your business plugged into this great list building, reputation management, customer serving Wi-Fi program. And as you grow your list, you grow your revenue, but you’ll pay just a flat monthly rate, regardless of how big your customer list becomes.

Call Blaine @ A Train – 281-235-6470